"Wir können den Wind nicht ändern, aber die Segel anders setzen." (Aristoteles)
"Wir können den Wind nicht ändern, aber die Segel anders setzen." (Aristoteles)



Rüdiger Urbahns

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22143 Hamburg

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Foul ground, giant waves, storm – perhaps one of the most dangerous ship routes is around Cape Horn. That is what we stand for:                    When needed most we are the loyal partner at your side!

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I am a Certified Tax Advisor ("Steuerberater") for Germany.  I received a Bachelor in Finance (Tax) and a Master of International Taxation. I have my office in Hamburg with over 25 years practical experience as tax expert in different positions with the tax authorities, in industry and in private practice. 


As an accredited member of the Chamber of German Tax Advisors in Hamburg (Steuerberaterkammer Hamburg) and a member of the German Association of Tax Advisors, I am a part-time tax counsel for an international company in Hamburg and freelance tax advisor in private practice.


I can also advise your business. You can expect an experienced tax consultant, who is fighting for your rights.


Beside general tax advice for Germany (financial statements, tax returns, cooperation's, start-up's) I focused in recent years especially also in the taxation of international traffic and taxation of international investments.


Private clients know me for my expertise in the taxation of flight and ship crews (income tax returns); I am also the author of a regular booklet of that matter.


I am also acting as support of other tax advisors especially with regards to cases of (international) taxation.

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